Looming Disaster in Patio & Carport Repair!

The “Real Truth” of Patio and Carport Repairs…….

We have all sat under a patio or carport in summer and enjoyed the shade it provides.

While sitting in the shade, have you ever considered that the roof sheet might be more than just shade?

If the patio or carport has a roof sheet that is coloured on the underside or is an insulated panel, then the roof sheet is actually part of an engineered roof system.

Right now, in many parts of Queensland repairs to patios and carports are taking place.

If you have an engineered roof system being repaired, ask your builder if they will be supplying you and your certifier with a form 16 on completion of the repairs.

If so, that form 16 should nominate the form 15 that relates to the design of the roof system and will nominate the wind speed classification it was designed to withstand.

BuildSure started asking these questions and found that there were issues around the “industry-accepted” repair method and final certification.

The engineered roof system includes the roof sheet, the purlins and the beams as a whole. If you remove or substitute any of these parts, the engineered roof system no longer exists. Like metal roof battens, the purlins and beams that are part of the roof system cannot have existing screw holes, re-used.

This line of inquiry led us to AusRoof - ( I can’t recommend Matt and the team at AusRoof highly enough. They fully understand how to repair these engineered roofing systems and what is required to comply with the QBCC Act.

If you are repairing or having an engineered roof system repaired, call Matt at

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