manual handling awareness

Welcome to the BuildSure Occupational Health & Safety Manual Handling training course. 

In this course we will cover:

  • 1) Manual Handling

1) Manual Handling Awareness & Video

Manual Handling Injuries resulting from over-exertion are generally permanent or cumulative in nature, and may result in permanent physical disability, and an inability to work or even carry out normal everyday duties without pain and diculty. You must always follow the safety rules when moving loads or exerting force and eort – The rules to follow for safe lifting are - size up the task, and check the weight of a load – if it feels too heavy, get assistance do not move loads unnecessarily - avoid double moving of objects if possible use mechanical aids (trolleys, etc) to move heavy loads or to move loads over longer distances always observe correct manual handling and safe lifting practices. "plan the lift" – ensure that you have good access to the object, and your travel path is clear make sure the load is safe to move (no loose or moving parts, container in sound condition, etc) get close to the load you want to move get a good grip – use gloves when handling rough, sharp, hot or cold objects keep back straight – bend knees to access job, and use legs (not back) to lift the load keep the load close to your body when lifting and carrying obtain assistance with long, heavy or awkward loads, or when moving over a long distance.

Now watch the following video and then answer the knowledge test.


manual handling Knowledge Test