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BuildSure has a proven track record in repairing and rebuilding property as a result of storm, cyclone, fire, water, general deterioration and malicious damage.  
With a reputation for getting jobs done on time, on budget, and to the highest possible standard of workmanship and customer service, we have been at the forefront of insurance repair in times of crisis.

Flood Damage

If your house has been devastated by flood damage then call the BuildSure team.  It is often thought that flood damage repair is only about removing the water from the premises. However, our experience shows that often there are much bigger problems that can't be easily seen. Have one of our experts look at the damage and advise you. We can take care of any repairs that may need to be done.

Fire Damage

If your home or business has smoke or fire damage then you need the quick response of BuildSure to assess your restoration needs. In addition to the obvious damage that has been caused following a fire or smoke-related incident, soot from the fire will settle and can cause additional damage to some structures. A BuildSure expert will know exactly what to do to minimize your cost and damage. 

Impact Damage

The most common form of impact damage is normally caused after a vehicle hits a property. BuildSure has vast experience in these incidents and often requires the coordination of several trades to organise repairs. BuildSure will get repairs commenced and completed in a short time frame so you can get back to normal as quick as possible.

Storm Damage

Queensland is famous for its unpredictable storms and natural disasters like flash flooding, hail damage, and cyclones. These events often cause severe damage to buildings, roofs, pergolas and sheds. Buildsure has many years of experience in this type or repairs, and the process required to expedite works when these events happen.

Malicious Damage

Malicious damage can be a stressful time for any business or property owner. One of the most common forms of this damage is from property tenants. Our team of professional experts can work with your insurance company to get any restoration works required done as soon as possible  to ensure a speedy return to normal.