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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the work insured?

BuildSure have professional indemnity and property insurance policies for the properties we carry out repairs on as well as the occupants during that time. If the repair work exceeds a total value of $3300.00 it is covered by a statutory insurance policy held by the QBCC.

Is there a warranty on the work?

Under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991, a contract for domestic building work that exceeds a total of $3,300 (including all labour, materials and GST) requires the following warranties and they must be stated in the written contract:

  • Materials

  • Compliance with the law

  • Skill land reasonable care

  • Suitability for occupation

For more information visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commissions (QBCC) website.

What happens when the work is completed?

When the repair work is completed your Project Manager will ask you to inspect the work and sign our Customer Satisfaction Certificate which is then sent to your insurance company.

When the work starts who do I speak to about the progress?

Any questions about the progress of the repairs should be directed to your dedicated Project Manager. The name and contact details of your Project Manager will be included in the Contract Repair Pack sent out to you at the start of the repairs process. This is generally the same person who carried out the original site inspection.

How long will the repair work take?

Each repair is different and BuildSure assess the scope of work, cost, and estimated time to completion on a case-by-case basis.

What access do I have to provide to the site?

BuildSure builders need to be able to access premises during office hours to complete repairs quickly and effectively. We also require that the insured party is available on the date of Practical Completion to inspect the works and sign the Certificate of Satisfaction required by the Insurance Company.

Why is the excess paid now when I sign the contract?

Your insurance company has instructed that any excess is paid in full before they will pay the benefit provided by your policy cover, so BuildSure requires the excess to be paid before we can schedule any repair work.

Why do I sign a building contract with the builder?

Under the terms of The Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000 it’s a legal requirement to have a signed contract for all building and construction works and repairs with a value of $3,300 or more. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission also recommend putting in place a signed contract for all building and repair works regardless of the value. BuildSure uses the standard ‘Queensland Master Builders – Minor Works Contract Residential’ for all insurance repair work.

What happens if I find some other damage after the building inspection?

Contact your Claim Manager at your insurance company to discuss other damage found after inspection has been completed as soon as possible.

What if we don’t agree with the scope of work that the insurance company said should be fixed?

Contact your Claim Manager at your insurance company to discuss any issues you have with the scope of work as soon as possible.

What happens when the insurance company awards the work?

If BuildSure are awarded the contract to undertake the repair work then one of our administration staff will contact you to confirm your details and send out a Contract Repair Pack. Full details are set out on our Repairs Process page.

How long will it take to hear from the insurance company?

Any questions on the progress of your claim including timeframes should be directed to your insurance company.

Who do I contact now after you have finished your inspection?

Any questions on the progress of your claim once our inspection has been completed should be directed to your insurance company.

What if my property needs (private) repairs completed before the insurance company will pay for claimed damages?

Your insurance company may request this, if so BuildSure can perform these repairs for you before we start the repairs covered by your insurance claim.

What does my policy cover?

BuildSure cannot answer this unfortunately; any questions regarding your insurance policy should be directed to your insurance company.

Are you are insurance assessor?

No, BuildSure are builders and we’ve been asked by your insurance company to assess the property damage and provide a scope of work and a quote for repairs.

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