Buildsure 24/7 Makesafe



BuildSure understands the need for a fast and efficient response to MakeSafe requests, mitigating the risk of further damage to property and buildings.  

Our dedicated after-hours emergency response team is committed to providing a 24 hour emergency MakeSafe services for all our clients.

Once advised by our client of an emergency Makesafe, a dedicated BuildSure Project Manager will contact the customer within 2 hours, assess the immediate danger and risk to person and property, triage the response and coordinate the relevant trades to attend as quickly as possible.

MakeSafe Services Include (but not limited to):

  • Protective tarping to roofs;

  • Securing collapsed ceilings;

  • Securing of damaged windows and doors;

  • Electrical isolation and makesafes;

  • Plumbing isolation and leak detections;

  • Emergency asbestos containment and removal;

  • Tree removal;

  • Emergency structural remediation after building impact;

  • Temporary fencing and barricading.