Buildsure Data Security and Intergrity



BuildSure has a fully integrated Insurance Repair Service (IRS) and Project Management (PMS) software system -  TRAC, Developed internally to provide a user friendly, customer focused end to end claims/project management system.


BuildSure is committed to identify and mitigate risks associated with the use of its IT systems. By integrating cyber-security awareness deep within its corporate culture, BuildSure strives to provide its clients and customers with superior services, along with our pledge that data security is “a top priority in our minds”.

BuildSure acknowledges, and accepts, its responsibility to protect our customers' data throughout its life cycle (from creation to final delivery or archiving). BuildSure has company policies supporting data usage, integrity and security which are reviewed annually including:

  • Data Security Policy;

  • Digital Media and Communications Policy;

  • Security Risk Management Policy; and

  • Risk Management Policy