CONFINed Spaces awareness

Welcome to the HIFLOW Occupational Health & Safety Confined Spaces Awareness

In this course we will cover:

  • 1) What is a confined space

  • 2) Confined Spaces Awareness (Video)

  • 3) Permission and permit to work

  • 4) Hazards & Risks

The first step will be to read the following articles on each section as above and then answer a multiple-choice knowledge test.  On successful completion, you will be given a certificate to download or print at the end. ​​​​

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1) What is a Confined Space

What is meant by a "Confined Space" or "Partially Enclosed Space"?

It is determined by the hazards associated with a set of specific circumstances and not just because work has to be performed in a small area. 

The following flow chart will help you determine if an area is considered a Confined Space. 



2) Confined Space Awareness Video

​Please watch the following safety video on Confined spaces.

3) Permission and Permit to Work

Permit to work is in place to manage tasks which have been identified as high risk or having a high potential at risk outcome if not managed. There are currently four scopes of work requiring permits:

  • Confined Space Entry

  • Roof Entry

  • Fire Safety System Isolation

  • Hot Work


Entry into confined space shall only be conducted by suitably trained and competent employees.

  • A risk assessment must be completed prior to entry.

  • A rescue plan must be completed.

  • The CSE permit is to be reviewed and approved by the WHS Advisor or delegate.


4) Hazards & Risks



Confined space Knowledge Test